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General Terms and Conditions
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1. For this document

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions for festivals, concerts and other cultural events organized by "Club Management"  EOOD ("the General Terms") govern the rights and obligations of "Club Management" EOOD, EIK 201698019 ("Club Management ", "we"), as well as the rights and obligations of persons purchasing tickets for access to a festival, concert or other cultural-mass event organized by us ("Event") or attending such an Event ("visitors", "you") , in connection with the purchase of tickets for the relevant Event, the payment of a reservation deposit and the attendance of the Event.

1.2. In each case, the Terms and Conditions apply to the Event for which you purchase a ticket, pay a booking deposit and/or attend. 1.3. In addition to the general rules set out in these Terms and Conditions, you should consider the special conditions for the particular Event for which you purchase a ticket, pay a booking deposit or attend. The Event for which you purchase a ticket or pay a booking deposit and the special conditions for that Event are set out on the Event page of the online ticketing platform through which you purchase the ticket for the Event, as well as on the Event website and/or in the profile of The event on the social networks we use (Facebook, Instagram). The general conditions and special conditions of an Event form the contract between us and you under which you are entitled to attend that Event. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions and the special conditions of the Event is a condition for the purchase of a ticket for the Event or the payment of a reservation deposit, as well as for your admission to the territory of the Event.

1.4. Depending on the type of ticket you purchase (paper, electronic), it is possible that the special conditions of the Event or a more important part of them will be printed on the ticket. In all cases, the ticket purchased by you will contain an appropriate indication of the address on the Internet where these General Terms and Conditions and the special conditions for the Event can be found.

1.5. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these General Terms and Conditions and the special terms and conditions of the Event for which you purchase a ticket, pay a reservation deposit or attend. By purchasing a ticket for an Event or paying a "reservation deposit", as well as by entering the territory of the Event, it is assumed that you have read and accepted the present General Terms and Conditions and the special terms of the Event. It is recommended that you re-acquaint yourself with the General Conditions and the Special Conditions of the Event immediately before heading to the Event in order to comply with the information about the conduct of the Event and the rules that you must comply with (including, but not limited to, rules for access, carrying prohibited objects and substances, changes occurring after the date of purchase of a ticket for the Event, payment of a reservation deposit, etc.).

1.6. If any of the requirements of the General Terms and Conditions or the special conditions of the Event you are about to visit are not clear to you, you should contact us for clarification of the relevant requirement. Failure to understand an applicable requirement is no excuse and does not relieve you of your obligation under the terms in which that requirement is established.

2. About Club Management

2.1. The organizer of all events according to these General Terms and Conditions is "Club Management" EOOD, registered in the commercial register with EIK 201698019, with headquarters and management address in the city of Ruse, Acad. Mihail Arnaudov 3.  In all questions related to the Events we organize, you can contact us by email at

3. Tickets for Events

3.1. You can only purchase a ticket to our Event or pay a booking deposit if you are of legal age and legal capacity. When you purchase a ticket or pay a booking deposit for another person, you must inform that other person of these General Terms and Conditions and the special conditions of the Event. When you purchase a ticket or pay a reservation deposit for a minor or minor, you are also responsible for that minor or minor's compliance with the General Terms and Conditions and the special terms of the Event.

3.2. For each Event we organize, we may offer tickets or the purchase of booking deposits through one or more different distribution channels. Information on how you can purchase tickets/pay a booking deposit for an Event can be found on the Event page of our website at

3.3. Regardless of the channel through which you purchase a ticket for an Event, the ticket is deemed to have been purchased and your contract with us for access to the Event is deemed to have been concluded from the time the full price of the ticket has been paid.

3.4. Except in the cases expressly provided for in these General Terms and Conditions, the tickets for the Events we organize, as well as the paid reservation deposits, will not be returned, and you do not have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with us. Therefore, we will issue refunds on purchased tickets only in the cases and amounts specified below.

3.5. Event tickets may have a unique barcode/QR code, in which case access to the Event may be achieved by scanning this code at the entrance to the Event. Scanning the barcode/QR code marks the ticket as used and no other person identifying himself with a ticket with the same barcode/QR code will be admitted to the Event territory. Therefore, it is important that you keep your Event ticket from being accessed by third parties and that you do not allow third parties to copy the ticket. Therefore, you must not post, send or share your purchased ticket online, on social networks or in any other similar way.

3.6. It is your responsibility to protect your Event ticket from theft and from loss, damage and destruction. Accordingly, the risk of any such event occurring is Yours. The occurrence of such an event is not a prerequisite for the exchange/issuance of a new ticket or for the refund of the price of the stolen, lost, damaged or perished ticket.

3.7. Resale of tickets (sale by the original purchaser to a third party) is prohibited except through the platform. In cases where a ticket purchased or a booking deposit paid can be returned (e.g. when an Event is cancelled), we will only accept and honor ticket return requests from persons who have purchased tickets from us (through the relevant ticketing channel ). In order to avoid abuse (e.g. ticket forgery) and to ensure your rights as a consumer, we recommend that you purchase tickets or booking deposits for our Events only from authorized sales points/channels.

3.8. Event tickets may not be used for promotional purposes without our express prior written consent.

3.9. Falsifying tickets or documents for paid booking deposits for an Event is a crime! In all cases where we find such counterfeiting, we will refer the relevant law enforcement authorities and cooperate with their investigation.

3.10. You have the opportunity to reserve the purchase of tickets for an Event by paying a "reservation deposit" when this is a condition previously announced by Club Management, and the same will only apply to the sale of tickets for the relevant Event. By paying a booking deposit, you undertake to purchase a ticket for the Event at the original advertised price and guarantee that you will purchase the ticket within a period of time pre-determined by Club Management prior to the date of the Event. The Reservation Deposit guarantees your right to purchase a ticket for the Event at the original advertised price, which will remain unchanged for the period of time determined by Club Management prior to the Event. In the event that, regardless of the reasons, you do not buy a ticket for the Event, within the period of time determined by Club Management before the date of the Event, you lose the paid reservation deposit and you have no right to make claims for the return of its amount, nor for its use after the expiry of the period of time determined by the Club Management. The payment of a reservation deposit does not give you the right to attend the Event, nor will it be considered that by receiving it, Club Management guarantees the Event. The payment of a reservation deposit does not constitute a partial payment of the ticket price, and only after the payment of the difference between the full price of the ticket and the amount of the reservation deposit, the amount of the reservation deposit is transformed into payment of a corresponding part of the ticket price. The return of the reservation deposit takes place only and only under the conditions of items 18.1 - 18.12 below, and for the avoidance of doubt, you do not have the right to claim a refund of paid reservation deposits in the cases of items 18.3 and 18.4. The postponement of the start time of an event within 8 hours (in case of force majeure) is not considered a change of the original date, even if the Event starts after midnight on the day following the originally announced date.

3.11. In case of cancellation of the event by Club Management - the reservation deposit, when subject to return, is automatically refunded to the bank account from which the payment was made or at the physical store where the reservation deposit was paid.

4. Access to Events

4.1. Upon initial entry to the Event area, you must present a valid Event ticket and valid identification (including a driver's license). A wristband will be placed against them, which will be your means of access to the Event area from now on. Wearing a bracelet is mandatory. Entry to the Event area by presentation of a ticket alone is not permitted.

4.2. Once placed, the bracelet cannot be removed and transferred to another person until the end of the Event. Do not remove, unfasten, cut and glue it. The bracelets are highly durable, moisture resistant and compact enough to not interfere with your daily activities.

4.3. The condition of wristbands is strictly monitored by the entrance staff and security in the Event area. If a visitor is spotted without a wristband in the Event area, they will be immediately removed from the Event area. Any intervention on the bracelet will be considered as an attempt to cheat. A person using an inauthentic wristband or a wristband with broken integrity or otherwise tampered with will not be allowed into the Event area and will be removed from it if already inside.

4.4. Multiple entry and exit of the Event area within one day is prohibited for security reasons. Entry is permitted at any time, but exit is limited to one time per day. Think carefully if you haven't forgotten anything before entering.

4.5. The working hours during which the Event is open to visitors are specified in the special conditions of the Event. The hours are Orie
provisional and may be changed until the start of the Event.

5. Access for minorspersons

5.1. Unless otherwise stated in the special conditions of an Event:
  5.1.1. there is no minimum age for visitors to Events organized by us;

  5.1.2. children up to and including 11 years old (under 11 years old) are entitled to free access to the events after 12:30 p.m., if they are accompanied by a parent/adult companion with a regular ticket;

   5.1.3. one parent/adult companion may accompany no more than one person under the age of 18.
5.2. The responsibility for the health and welfare of any minor and minor child rests with their parent, guardian, guardian or other person caring for them (as defined in the Child Protection Act). In order for a minor or a minor child to be admitted to the Event, it is necessary:

   5.2.1. the child must be accompanied by his parent, guardian, guardian or other person who takes care of him, or by another adult capable of acting;

   5.2.2. the child has a model declaration signed by a parent, guardian, guardian or person who takes care of the child, certifying the fact that the declarant will accompany the child to the Event; when the child is accompanied by another adult capable of acting, the declaration must contain the authorization of this other companion and the consent of the latter to accompany the child;

   5.2.3. the child must have and present an identity document or student ID card.

5.3. The declaration under item 5.2.2 is submitted in duplicate upon each entry into the Event area according to the template available at the following link: Declaration_for_a_companion.docx

You can fill out and sign the declaration in advance, as well as on the spot upon entering the Event area. When the child's companion is not a parent, guardian, guardian or person who takes care of him, the companion and the child must at all times have a copy of the declaration under item 5.2.2.

6. Access for people with disabilities

6.1. We make constant efforts to make the Events we organize accessible to people with disabilities. For each Event, we try to provide the following measures to facilitate the visit of the Event by people with disabilities:

   6.1.1. the possibility of access for cars carrying disabled people in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the Event;

   6.1.2. provision of a separate entrance for people with disabilities, so as to make it as easy as possible to pass through the main entrance of the Event;

    6.1.3. provision of special toilets for people with disabilities in easily accessible places.

6.2. Other conditions for access for people with disabilities are provided for in the special conditions of the relevant Event. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

7. Security measures

   7.1. For each Event organized by us, we may apply one or more of the following security measures:

7.1.1. use of a security company to maintain order and security in front of and in the Event area;

7.1.2. search of the visitor and search of his luggage upon entering the Event area;

7.1.3. taking the visitor's temperature upon entering the Event area and other checking for symptoms of highly contagious diseases;

7.1.4. video surveillance of the entrances and the entire territory of the Event.

7.2. Each visitor is required to cooperate with the security guards at the Event, including identifying themselves with their identification document, their ticket to the Event and the wristband issued to them upon initial entry into the Event area. Failure to provide due assistance may result in denial of access to the Event or your forced removal from the Event area.

7.3. If you refuse to be searched at the entrance to the Event or to submit your baggage to be searched, you will not be admitted to the Event grounds.

7.4. If you show symptoms of a highly contagious disease during an outbreak or widespread outbreak of that disease, you may not be admitted to the Event grounds.

7.5. The recordings from the security cameras used, as well as the testimony of the employees of the security company we use to guard the Event, can be used to establish violations of these General Rules, as well as the special conditions of the Event.

7.6. Due to changes in weather conditions during an Outdoor Event, it may be necessary to take unforeseen security measures (eg suspension of performance, evacuation, etc.). Any such emergency security measures will be announced by our representative over the Event's public address systems. The instructions given by us in such situations should be strictly followed to ensure overall safety.

8. Prohibited and permitted items on the territory of the Events

8.1. The following items and substances are prohibited from being brought into all Events organized by us: substances whose use is prohibited by law; narcotic substances and paraphernalia for their use; melee weapons, firearms and other means of self-defense (such as, but not limited to, knives of any size, gas guns, pepper spray, boxes) or other dangerous objects that can be used as weapons; flammable substances or liquids, including aerosols; markers, sprays; backpacks and bags with a capacity greater than 10 liters (i.e. with dimensions of about 35x25x12 cm); glass and plastic containers, glass/metal/plastic bottles, metal cups and rigid packaging; plush toys; remote control toys such as cars, airplanes, helicopters and the like; horns; food and alcohol; water for one person in a package larger than 0.5 liters; balloons, bouncy balls, inflammable spheres, flying lanterns, as well as 5 frisbees and other flying discs; umbrellas, torches, sticks (including selfie sticks); bulky items, chairs, boxes, rugs, sleeping bags and tents; bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, electric scooters and other vehicles; any animals, except guide dogs; lasers, laser pens and similar light devices; water guns, spray bottles and others that spray water; musical instruments and sound systems; megaphones; drones and other flying objects; professional photo and video equipment (including but not limited to cameras/interchangeable lens cameras); pyrotechnic materials, incl. fireworks, sparklers, etc.; chain belts, wrap straps and studded belts (cone studded); flyers not expressly permitted by us. Other prohibited items and substances may be specified in the special conditions of the relevant Event, and the list of these other items and substances may be amended until the start of the Event.

8.2. If you are carrying a prohibited item and/or substance on your person or in your luggage, you will not be allowed into the Event area. Please note that some jewelry or other merchandise items (such as chains, studs, etc.) may also be considered dangerous and may not be allowed into the Event area.

8.3. We are under no obligation to store prohibited items and substances. If for an Event we offer a service for storing clothes or belongings for visitors to the Event (so-called "wardrobe"), the service may be offered for a fee. In such cases, when accepting items for storage, we will be responsible for the loss, destruction or damage of the item handed over to us for storage up to an amount of BGN 20. If you handed over items of greater value for storage, any damage suffered above the limit of liability it's at your expense.

8.4. In general, only personal items and clothing are allowed into the area of each Event, eg: sunscreen; repellent (preparation to protect against insect bites), but it is also in the form of an aerosol in a pressurized package; lighter; cigarettes/e-cigarettes; water (in a plastic bottle up to 0.5 liters); medications (asthma spray, pills, etc.); external phone charging battery (powerbank); contact lens solution; hand sanitizer; an insulin syringe (NOT a normal syringe, but one with a very short needle), a maximum of 1 syringe is allowed; a small bottle of insulin.

8.5. It is up to the officials responsible for the access regime at the entrance of the Event to decide whether a certain object or substance is allowed or prohibited to be brought into the territory of the Event. If you have a medical condition that requires you to have an item or substance with which you are not allowed at the Event, you should contact us promptly to resolve the matter.

9. Food and drinks

9.1. With the exception of a limited amount of drinking water, food and beverages are not permitted in the Event area. For each Event we organize, we provide enough places where you can buy fast food, various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

9.2. Beer, spirits and refreshments are available from the bars, which are conveniently located at several locations in the Event area. In general, we do not envisage places with running drinking water.

9.3. It is prohibited to give, offer or sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to persons under the age of 18, including the purchase of alcohol and cigarettes from adults, with the aim of providing them to minors, regardless of whose initiative and by whose means (e.g. by initiative and with the minor's means). In case of violations of this prohibition, the person who purchased/provided alcohol or tobacco products to a minor and the minor will be removed from the Event.

10. Cards for consumption

10.1. The purchase of food, beverages and other goods and services in the area of each Event will be carried out using one or more of the following means of payment:

10.1.1. Through a festival card - the contactless festival card for consumption;

10.1.2. Through a festival wristband with a contactless chip;

10.1.3. Via a contactless Mastercard card – only and exclusively for holders of a contactless Mastercard® card, regardless of the type of card (debit or credit) and the issuing bank.

10.2. The contactless festival card is issued at specially designated charging points for consumption cards, ), the location of which you will be able to see on the map of the relevant Event, published on the website of the Event or on the flyer that you will receive upon entering the territory of the Event. The cards can be loaded with an amount of your choice (up to BGN 250) and can be used during all days of the relevant Event. When paying for purchases with the card (e.g. at beverage bars), the corresponding amount will be taken from the card and for each transaction a receipt will be issued, giving information about the amount paid and the remaining balance. In addition, on the back of the festival card you will find a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone. When scanning the code, you can check the operations performed, get information about the loaded amount, current availability, spent funds, etc.

10.3. One card can be used by several people. To load a festival card, you can pay in cash, by debit or credit card (Mastercard/Maestro/VISA).

10.4. The administrative fee for servicing the festival card is BGN 2 and is automatically deducted from the total amount paid into the card. The amount of BGN 2 is not refundable. You cannot use a festival card issued at another/previous Event.

10.5. The amount remaining on the card can be refunded to you at any time during the Event at which you loaded it and up to 1 hour after the end of the last main stage performance on the last day of the Event. After this point, remaining amounts on festival cards will not be refunded.

10.6. The festival wristband with a contactless chip is obtained upon entering the festival area, as the function of the chip is performed on the same principle as the contactless Festival card, as the rules described in items 10.2., 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5 apply in full. 10.7. All holders of a contactless Mastercard® who use their cards at the Events organized by us can also benefit from additional preferences, which are announced on the official page and/or website of the relevant event:

10.8. The special conditions of the relevant Event may provide for different payment options and rules in addition to or instead of those specified in this item 10. 11. Merchandise 11.1. Official items of the relevant Event will be sold exclusively at the dedicated stands in the Event area. We do not recommend purchasing goods from street vendors. The products they offer are not approved by us and the probability of you coming across low quality goods is high.

7 12. Medical assistance

12.1. Protecting your health and the health of others is above all a personal responsibility. It is recommended that upon entering the territory of the Event, you inform yourself about the position of the first aid stations in order to be prepared in case of need.

12.2. In case of need, you can contact the employees who will be marked with the specific characteristic clothing. In the event of an urgent need for medical assistance, you can also contact the nearest employee serving the Event, who will assist you in providing first aid.

13. Use of Cell Phones

13.1. With the concentration of many people in one place, the load on the mobile cells spreading the signal is high. In this regard, for seamless communication, we will make efforts for mobile operators to build mobile stations to increase the capacity of mobile service distribution.

14. Photographs and video recordings

14.1. During each Event, video recordings and photographs are taken to cover the Event. By entering the territory of the relevant Event, you are entering a public place, which is why it is possible to be filmed without your permission or consent. If and to the extent such consent may be necessary, by accepting these Terms and Conditions and entering the Event grounds, you are deemed to have consented to:

14.1.1. being photographed for the purpose of creating photos and videos;

14.1.2. our use of the photos and videos taken for the purposes of marketing and promoting the Events we organize.

14.2. Notwithstanding clause 14.1, you may object to your video or photo being taken at any time. In such a case, depending on the circumstances in which the filming takes place and your location and recognizability in the footage being filmed, we will stop filming you and will no longer use the filmed material in accordance with clause 14.1.2. In order to fulfill this obligation, you will be required to object to the filming in writing and to cooperate with us after the end of the Event to remove the footage in which you are present and may be identified.

14.3. We reserve the copyright to all photographs and videos that we may take at the Events we organize. Photographed persons are not entitled to remuneration for their photographing and the use of the photographs and videos taken.

15. Responsibilities of Club Management

15.1. Your health, your personal safety and the security of your property is primarily your responsibility. During an Event, you should avoid actions and situations that may harm your health and signal the security guards of the Event when you think that your health and life are in danger. You are also responsible for the supervision and safekeeping of your personal belongings. The presence of security at an Event does not constitute a guarantee that there will be no encroachment on your life, health or property or that we or the Event security guards will be able to prevent such encroachment or avoid its negative consequences. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude our liability for damages caused by or in connection with any such infringements.

15.2. Each visitor is responsible for assessing whether the noise levels of the concert performances of the Event they are attending are suitable for their hearing. We will not be held responsible in the event of hearing damage or other health problems as a result of the high level of noise at an Event.

15.3. We will not be liable if you are unable to attend an Event for which you have purchased a ticket, regardless of the reason for your absence, including but not limited to illness, work, an emergency or other extraordinary circumstance, including where you were unable attend the Event on its originally announced date, but you are unable to attend on the date for which it has been postponed pursuant to clause 18. The risk of inability to attend, including due to the postponement of an Event, is a risk that You agree to wear We will not refund the price of purchased tickets that remain unused due to the holder not appearing at the Event, regardless of the reason for this.

16. Rules of Conduct

16.1. During the Event you attend, you must observe all generally accepted norms of good conduct, including but not limited to:

16.1.1. do not commit or incite others to commit administrative violations or crimes, including, but not limited to, acts of violence or acts of hatred based on ethnic, religious, gender or other identity or on any other basis;

16.1.2. you only use the toilets and urinals built on the territory of the Event for your respective physiological needs, while at the same time you do not use the toilets for the performance of activities, the performance of which in public places is prohibited by law or by these General Terms and Conditions;

16.1.3. you do not attend the Event if you are sick or have symptoms of a highly contagious disease such as mumps, chickenpox, smallpox, COVID-19, etc.

16.2. Crowd surfing is expressly prohibited at all Events (as it is at all major festivals in Europe).

16.3. It is forbidden to light fires on the territory of all Events.

16.4. All commercial or advertising activities on the territory of an Event organized by us are expressly prohibited without our prior written consent.

17. Removal from Event

17.1. Visitors who violate the requirements of these General Terms and Conditions and the special conditions of the relevant Event may be removed from the Event area. A person who has been removed from the Event area has no right to enter the Event territory until the end of the day on which he was removed, unless he was removed for a longer period according to item 17.2.

17.2. We may restrict access to the end of the Event and/or to future Events (for a certain period of time or all future Events) to a visitor who has been removed due to a violation of item 16.1.1, item 16.2 or due to another material violation of these General Conditions or of the special conditions of the Event from which the offender was removed.

17.3. A Visitor suspended from an Event, regardless of the period for which he was suspended, is not entitled to a full or partial refund of the value of his ticket for the Event. 

18. Changes and cancellation of Events

18.1. We always make every effort not to change the originally announced date or line-up of performers for any Events we organise. Nevertheless, for reasons beyond our control, it is possible to change both the date of the Event (e.g. due to extraordinary circumstances such as epidemics, pandemics, anti-epidemic measures and other force majeure circumstances) and the composition of the performers who have confirmed participation in the Event (e.g. due to illness of performers, unilateral refusal of participation of performers, scheduling of a new date of the Event for which a certain performer cannot confirm participation, etc. similar). Also, due to security or other important considerations, we may make changes in the distribution of the initially announced areas of the Event territory. To the extent that the change made under this item 18.1 does not lead to the cancellation of the Event according to item 18.7, the change will be considered reasonable and acceptable to you.

18.2. When changing the date of an Event, we will try to make the new date as close as possible to the original one, while at the same time we will try to preserve as much as possible the originally announced line-up of the performers of the Event.

18.3. In the event of a change in the composition of the artists who will participate in a given Event, we will make every effort to provide replacement artists who best match the profile (musical style, popularity) of the artists whose participation in the Event has been cancelled.

18.4. In the event of a change in the allocation of zones on the territory of the Event, we will organize the new allocation in such a way as to preserve the rights and status of the holders of different categories of tickets. Where the new allocation cannot identify suitable zones corresponding to the different ticket categories, holders of higher class tickets will be compensated in another appropriate way, e.g. through priority (advance) admission to an appropriate area of the Event. 

18.5. Regardless of our commitments under items 18.1 - 18.4, we do not guarantee that:

18.5.1. a postponed Event will be held within a specific period of time from the originally announced date or that it will be held at all;

18.5.2. an originally announced performer in an Event will not cancel their participation in the Event or that the performer with whom we will replace the withdrawn performer will be to your liking as a performer or that you will accept them as an "equal" to the withdrawn performer;

18.5.3. you will accept the compensation that we will offer you in the cases under Art. 18.4, to be adequate to the category of the ticket you hold.

18.6. In case of postponement of an Event, we will promptly announce, in accordance with item 19, information about the postponement of the Event, as well as information about the new date on which the Event will take place, if it is known.

18.7. An event will be considered canceled if:

18.7.1. we have expressly stated this together with or after the publication of the notice of postponement of the Event pursuant to clause 18.6;

18.7.2. within 9 months from the date for which the Event was initially announced, we have not set a new date for the Event;

18.7.3. the new date of the Event is more than 18 months after the date for which the Event was originally announced; in this case, a new Event will be considered to be taking place on the new date;

18.8. Unless otherwise announced in connection with the postponement and rescheduling of a postponed Event:

18.8.1. the tickets for the postponed Event or the booking deposit will be valid and can be used without revalidation on the new date of the Event;

18.8.2. we will not refund ticket prices purchased for the postponed Event or deposit amounts paid for a postponed Event.

18.9. In case of changes to the Events, we will not refund the price of purchased tickets or the amount of the reservation deposit, except in the following cases:

18.9.1. when an Event is canceled according to item 18.7; 18.9.2. when more than 50% of the originally announced executive line-up for an Event is changed; for the purposes of this calculation, changes made less than 30 days prior to the date of the Event will not be included.

18.10. In all cases of change or cancellation of an Event, including in cases where we refund the price of tickets purchased for the Event or the amount of the reservation deposit, users are not entitled to reimbursement of expenses of any kind (such as accommodation expenses, transportation expenses , processing fees, etc.). 

18.11. In all cases in which we will provide the possibility to return tickets and refund their price according to item 18.9 or return the amount of the reservation deposit, we will announce the procedure, conditions and terms for this according to item 19. In all such cases you will have the opportunity to return your ticket during a period that will not be shorter than 14 days from the date of the message under the previous sentence.

18.12. When refunding the price of tickets purchased or the booking deposit, we will be entitled to withhold a small portion of the refundable amount to cover part of our costs associated with the organization of the canceled Event, including the sale of the ticket you are returning. The amount we will deduct can vary, but is usually a maximum of 11 percent of the total value of the ticket purchased.

19. Messages

19.1. We will publish all notices and announcements related to the conduct of and changes to the Events we organize online on our website (, on our Facebook profile (, on the relevant Event profile (on our website and on Facebook) and on the website of the ticket distributors we have used for the relevant Event. If you have provided an email address when purchasing a ticket or paying a booking deposit, we will also send you the relevant information by email (for this purpose, it is advisable to ensure that you have not opted out of receiving email messages in the settings of the relevant sales platform of tickets). By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, you consent to be the addressee of electronic statements and agree to use the electronic means of correspondence with you that you provided when purchasing an Event ticket or when paying the reservation deposit, to create, sign and receive electronic statements and electronic documents. Electronic signatures used for this purpose will have the force of manual signatures.

19.2. The events we organize enjoy a wide public response, which is why it is possible for you to learn about a change or cancellation of an Event from acquaintances, friends and from information channels and publications other than those under item 19.1. Regardless, it is your duty to periodically use the communication channels under item 19.1 to inform yourself of important changes affecting the conduct of the Event for which you have purchased a ticket or paid a reservation deposit. We will not be 11 responsible if you did not learn about a change in an Event (including cancellation), respectively you did not exercise your right if information about the change was available according to item 19.1.

20. Complaints and reports against us

20.1. We maintain a complaint handling organization for visitors to Events organized by us and persons who have purchased tickets for such Events. When complaints are received in connection with our activity, we register, consider and respond to such complaints within a period of one month from the date of their receipt. Also, we analyze the complaints received and take measures to eliminate weaknesses in our activity found on the basis of the complaints. When we receive a complaint that we believe is related to the activities of a third party (eg, a supplier of goods or services that were offered at an Event), we will forward the complaint to that third party within three days of receiving it.

20.2. You can also file complaints and reports against our activity with the Consumer Protection Commission (CCP). Complaints, signals and suggestions are submitted to the KZP in person in writing on paper at one of the regional centers of the KZP or electronically through the electronic form for submitting a complaint/signal on the website of the KZP. The legal term for considering appeals is one month. After the review of the complaint/report has been completed, the submitter is notified of the result via the same route as he submitted his complaint/report.

21. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

21.1. These General Terms and Conditions and all aspects of the relationship between us and you will be subject to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. All disputes between us, arising from these General Terms and Conditions, from the special conditions of the Event and the contract between us, will be resolved by the competent court in the city of Ruse.

21.2. Consumer disputes between us can also be resolved out of court with the help of the General Conciliation Committees for consideration of consumer disputes operating under the Commission for Consumer Protection. More information on alternative (out-of-court) dispute resolution and the activities of conciliation commissions can be obtained from the Commission for Consumer Protection at the address Sofia 1000, Slaveykov Square No. 4A, phone 02 9330 588, website, email:, as well as from the European Consumer Center at the address of the city of Sofia, 14 "Bacho Kiro" str., phone: 02 986 76 72, internet address, email:

21.3. If you purchased an Event ticket online, you can also use the European online dispute resolution platform available at

22. Other provisions

22.1. It is possible for us to amend these General Terms and Conditions, as well as the special terms and conditions of each Event, at any time, and we will announce this in a timely manner in accordance with item 19. Unless otherwise indicated in the notice of the relevant amendment, the amendment of the General Terms and Conditions and the relevant special conditions will be effective from the date of publication of the relevant amendment notice.

22.2. When the special conditions of an Event conflict with these General Terms and Conditions, the special conditions of the Event will prevail.

22.3. These General Terms and Conditions enter into force on 23.01.2023. The General Terms and Conditions will apply to all Events to be held after this date. Last updated on: 01/23/2023
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